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The Toolbox Filming Living Heritage is a guide to filming and safeguarding craftership and intangible heritage.

It provides a basic methodology for audiovisual documentation of living heritage, craftership, skills and know-how. The methodologies you find here have been tested on the basis of 11 pilot projects in Flanders in the collaborative project 'Focus Craftership'.

Toolbox Filming Living Heritage

In recent years, public interest into intangible heritage and concern for the rich diversity of cultural practices and traditions has grown dramatically. At the same time, the technological possibilities for the audiovisual documentation of this have also grown enormously. 

But in what ways can film help in safeguarding craftership* and living heritage? By capturing the know-how and skills of craftership through film, caring for it - or safeguarding it - can be facilitated in different ways.

This is why the toolbox 'Filming living heritage' was developed: as a guide and a source of inspiration that explains how film can serve as a means of safeguarding living heritage in various ways.


This online toolbox came about as part of the 'Focus Craftership' project. On the website www.focusvakmanschap.be you can also discover each of these crafts and their trajectories in sound and image.


For who?

This toolbox is aimed at heritage workers and cultural mediators as initial users. We  hope to see this toolbox and its content being used by a broader audience, and for it to trickle down to other interested users as time proceeds. After all, the experiences presented here are as useful to practitioners and videographers interested in filming living heritage as they are to professional heritage workers.

Very often, in the reality of filming as a means of safeguarding, there will be teams of heritage professionals, videographers and practitioners working together. 

Thus, everyone is invited to explore and make use of this toolbox to the widest possible extent and in ways applicable to their own needs. 


What does this toolbox offer?

The toolbox ‘Filming living heritage’ proposes a variety of approaches to documenting craft skills and living heritage in general. 

Depending on your particular goals and interests, you can choose to create detailed videos, share your knowledge and skills, or document your own research. 

This toolbox offers first-hand experiences in filming and documenting living heritage to inspire your audiovisual documentation and is aimed at safeguarding heritage skills, knowledge and practices.

Whatever your motivation, you are sure to find useful tools and guidance for your own project!


* 'craftership’ = usually know as ‘craftmanship'

Within the Toolbox Filming Living Heritage, we have made a conscious choice to use gender-neutral language and therefor use the term 'craftership'. We hope this contributes to changing gender-sensitive language in our functioning and daily interaction. 



Methodology development

The methodology available on filminglivingheritage.org has been developed by Dr. Tamara Nikolić Đerić (UNESCO trainer and freelance cultural heritage consultant) and Jorijn Neyrinck (Director Workshop intangible heritage Flanders) with contributions from (in thematic order):


Alexander Kerkhof (Feathers on wings)

Identification and inventorying
Julie Aerts (PARCUM) and Lieselot Cornelis (ETWIE)

Awareness raising
Lieve De Saedeleer & Hilde Schoefs (Bokrijk - Craftsmanship and Heritage) and Chantal Bisschop & Laura Danckaert (CAG)

Lieve De Saedeleer & Hilde Schoefs (Bokrijk - Craftsmanship and Heritage) and Chantal Bisschop & Laura Dankaert (CAG)

Debora Plouy & Anaïs Verhulst (CEMPER), Lieselot Cornelis (ETWIE) and Lieve De Saedeleer & Hilde Schoefs (Bokrijk - Craftsmanship and Heritage)

Frea Vancraeynest (Histories

Use and Rights knowledge and images
advise by Monica Boța-Moisin & Harriet Deacon


Toolbox operations coordinator 

Shana Van Hauwermeiren (Workshop intangible heritage Flanders)


Web development



Translations credits


Tamara Nikolić Đerić

Jorijn Neyrinck

Shana Van Hauwermeiren 

Lieve De Saedeleer

Hilde Schoefs

Joanne Orr

Océane Lesot

Wout Schuerwegen



Jorijn Neyrinck 

Shana Van Hauwermeiren 

Kia Tsakiridis

Lieve De Saedeleer

Hilde Schoefs

Wout Schuerwegen



Design and infographics

Shaved monkey



Shaved MonkeyWorkshop intangible heritage Flanders