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Step-by-step guide for filming living heritage

9. Final preparation before filming



Contact everyone involved in the days before the filming to find out whether everything can go ahead as agreed and if there are still matters to be discussed. 

Tip: check the weather forecast!

Checklist preparation for filming

Prepare your equipment the day before filming. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Are all camera cards/recording media in place? (There is no need to erase them yet! Erase old recordings at the start of the first new recording, and AFTER a backup. Erasing footage only takes half a minute.)
  • Are all batteries fully loaded?
  • Is all the equipment functioning?
  • Did I test the camera that is being used?
  • Do I have a (fully loaded and functioning) backup camera?
  • Did I check everything on my equipment list? (Check-mark every piece as you put everything together.) 
  • Did I include a small tool- and a first aid-kit?
  • Did I print two hardcopies of the shot list, the time schedule and interview questions(Be sure to have one copy with you while filming, then put the other copies in a separate place and have a backup on an accessible email account.)

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